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Ever since the first imports in 1974, the Simmental breed has increased in popularity in Sweden. There has been explosive growth in the use of Simmental bulls in cross-breeding herds in the past five years, and the breed is leading this trend as one of the world's most adaptable breeds.

Pedigree Herds


The task of the Swedish Simmental Association is to represent the interests of breeders by assisting in improvement of the breed in terms of quality.

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Information on certification

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Certified Pedigree Herds


- an organic choice


Simmental has been the breed that has met the requirements for brand quality best of all in recent years.

Figures from the Swedish Federation of Organic Meat Producers show that Simmental cattle work best in organic production.

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World Congress in Germany 2012


View the programme for the World Congress in Germany on 19-25 September 2012

Click here for the programme 

If there is sufficient interest a trip will be coordinated. More information will follow. 

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